Diamond Print Glitter™

EP 11 – Glitter Christmas Card – SOTW

Take a look at this glitter Christmas card showing what can be done with a little bit of ink and some imagination. The spotlight is on glitter! SILVER glitter! Diamond… ...Read More

EP 12 – Glitter Label – Spotlight of the Week

Let’s talk about Glitter Labels! In the past, we’ve talked about our Diamond Print Glitter™ product and some of the ways it can be used in signage, packaging, eye-catching mailers,… ...Read More

Convertible Solutions Europe – Virtual Trade Show

Join us as we talk with Boris Cosyn and Kerstin Hinder about Convertible Solutions role in European countries. ...Read More

Wide Format Glitter – Virtual Trade Show

Today, we dive deeper into our glitter product with wide format! Join Pete, Will Fuller, and John Gregory as they discuss ways to use the glitter as well as options… ...Read More

What’s New! Terra14, Glitter, Metallized – Virtual Trade Show

Come on, come all to our virtual trade show! We know that circumstances don’t allow for everyone to get out and see what is going on out in the trade… ...Read More