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What’s in a Name?

Company names often have little to do with an organization or its visions.   Family names, cute plays on words, or tricky marketing gimmicks are fairly common in the corporate name game.   In the case of Convertible Solutions however, our name tells our whole story.

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Clients say….

We purchased the sheet-fed Presentation Folders late last year, the one-piece folders. As you might know, a presentation folder job is typically limited to large

Tim Mahaffey - Quality Printing

Berlin, 10th of August : Polyprint rings in the future with Fold ‘N Go paper of Convertible Solutions. The Berlin service provider Polyprint goes with

Stefan Meiners - Polyprint GmbH
August 24, 2016 Strengthen Your Print Budget By Streamlining It

Your print budget has a huge impact on your overall bottom line. Ensuring it is as streamlined as possible while being robust enough to drive

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August 16, 2016 Relationship Marketing: The Secret Ingredient To Success

Relationship marketing is not a new concept. You build relationships with people important to your business and use those relationships to drive success. Essentially, relationship

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August 03, 2016 Maximizing ROI Using Dimensional Mail

Dimensional mail is a wonderful direct marketing tactic. Things that are out of place tend to stand out. For example, when you wear your favorite

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