EP 9 – Soft Touch – Spotlight of the Week

Join us as we talk about Soft Touch and how Convertible Solutions’ Soft Touch sheets can help you save time AND money! Our sheets come with the Soft Touch coating… ...Read More

EP 8 – Diamond Print Glitter – Spotlight of the Week

Join us as we shine the spotlight on glitter! Diamond Print Glitter offers a shed-free surface that is packed with light reflecting glitter. These sheets are available in digital, offset,… ...Read More

EP 7 – Magnets – Spotlight of the Week

MultiLoft® Magnet Sheets give you the ability to create custom, short run magnets in minutes! Pair these sheets with any MultiLoft outer sheet, seal at your trimmer and they are… ...Read More

EP6 Cork – Spotlight of the Week

Are you looking for a way to spice up your menu? Maybe considering a custom coaster for a special event? Check out cork sheets from Convertible Solutions! ...Read More

EP5 6 Pull Tab Mailer – Spotlight of the Week

Check out one of the coolest pieces from our Fold N’ Go® line – the 6 Pull Tab Mailer. ...Read More

EP 4 – Wood – Spotlight of the Week

Check out what you can do with wood substrates from Convertible Solutions! ...Read More

EP 3 – Taco Card – Spotlight of the Week

Making a customized take away menu using our My Journey™ sheets. Check out the Taco Card. ...Read More

EP 2 – Paperbilities – Spotlight of the Week

Check out Paperbilities! A magazine geared toward creatives showcasing specialty substrates and what can be done with them. ...Read More

Updated office hours and shipping schedule

As of June 8, 2020, Convertible shipping hours will be Monday -Thursday with no shipments going out on Fridays.  All package orders must still be received by 2 PM CST in order… ...Read More