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Edge Painted Effect with MultiLoft® Encore

Edge painted business cards and invitations have a little extra pop, making them a popular option for those seeking something a bit more unique than a standard printed piece. However, edge painting requires investment in specific equipment and additional production time

With MultiLoft® Encore, colored edges are possible with zero painting or specialized equipment involved! Color is built into the sheets themselves, combining a 7pt white printable side with a 9pt colored side. When collated together and trimmed, the MultiLoft® Encore sheets form a 32pt sheet with a colored core.

MultiLoft® Encore is compatible with every other product in the MultiLoft® family. For a thicker card, colored MultiLoft® Inserts can be collated between the MultiLoft® Encore Sheets. For an extra unique look, try using different colors of Encore and Insert Sheets!

MultiLoft® products make it simple to produce ultra-thick, unique business cards and more with just your standard in-house equipment. Learn more about how MultiLoft® Technology works!