The Easel – 5 Design Trends You Should Be All Over

“This is going to be my greatest masterpiece.” That’s the mindset every designer should embrace when it’s time to do what you do best. As

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Meet the team – George Fry

As Executive Vice President, George Fry is an integral part of Convertible Solutions.  His 49 years in the print industry gives him the tools to develop customers,

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Does 1:1 Printing Really Make a Difference?

1:1 marketing

More and more, we are hearing about 1:1 printing, print personalization, or variable data printing, to achieve higher response rates and better ROI. But does

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Measure Success Of Your Marketing Efforts

Creating a personalized print or multichannel marketing campaign takes significant investment in time, energy, and resources. You want to get maximum return on your investment.

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Effective Branding And Its Importance For Your Business

effective branding

Effective branding is one of the cornerstones of any viable marketing strategy, and if you have an interest in growing your business, it is one

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Sales Literature That Sells

Sales literature is some of the most important content your business creates. It stands in for you when you’re not around, carrying your brand identity

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3 Tactics To Build A Future Proof Business

A future proof business may seem impossible with how rapidly the world changes. There’s a few ways to ensure that your business is around for

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Logo Redesign Tips

Logo redesign

Logo redesign should be approached with the same mindset as updating your home to add some curb appeal. No, really! Your logo is the front

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Digital Printing: How To Take Advantage

digital printing

Do you think of digital printing as an output technology or a marketing model? The reality is, it’s both. If you don’t think of digital printing

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Effective Marketing Copy Made Easy

marketing copy

Whether you are writing marketing copy for direct mail, email, signage, or any other type of material, a few simple guidelines will increase your ability to grab

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