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MultiLoft Encore sheets take thickness to the max with color built into the sheet.  All finished MultiLoft Encore




Product Description

MultiLoft Encore sheets take thickness to the max with color built into the sheet.  All finished MultiLoft Encore sheets contain color at the heart.

Each Encore sheet arrives at your print room with the color built into the sheet.  Print on the ultrawhite side of two Encore sheets and create a double thick card with color at the heart of your finished piece without the need for an insert.  Each double thick Encore finished piece is approximately 32 points thick, triple thick (which requires 1 insert) is approximately 46 points thick, quadruple thick (which requires 2 inserts) is approximately 60 points thick.  The options are endless, add inserts to create your desired finished thickness – 74pt, 88pt, 104pt, and so on.

Current Encore colors are Wild Cherry, Pacific Breeze, Orange Fizz, Blu Raspberry, and Black Licorice.

Encore sheets are certified on the HP Indigo digital presses and run well on various other digital.  Call customer service for offset applications.  After printing in a standard digital press, the front and back sheets are assembled back to back. The pressure from the trimming clamp seals the sheets together into an impressive card. After assembly, the sheets can also be die-cut into specialty shaped cards.

Convertible Solutions  MultiLoft Inserts are available in multiple colors,  have cohesives on both sides, and can be placed between the MultiLoft Encore sheets to create colorful, eye-catching finished projects.

Online prices include 1% prepay discount


400 sheets/carton

# 2538 – Ultrawhite / Wild Cherry                       Wild Cherry Small

# 2584 – Ultrawhite / Black Licorice                   Black Licorice Small

# 2585 – Ultrawhite / Pacific Breeze                    Pacific Breeze

# 2586 – Ultrawhite / Orange Fizz                       Orange Fizz Small

# 2587 – Ultrawhite / Blu Raspberry                   Blu Raspberry Small

**View pricing in cart or call 866-832-0217 with questions.

Online prices include 1% prepay discount

 Template U.S.

Production Notes

Product Specifications

Caliper : 0.16
Grain : Short
Gsm : 317

Sheet Size : 18.5 in. x 12 in.

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