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Counteract Commoditization with Creativity

Anyone can come up with a snazzy jingle or discount a product. Marrying great creative with insightful, database-driven personalization is more challenging. It also generates better results because the mailer… ...Read More

Purchasing the Right Mailing List

As you develop your marketing plan of attack, there are three types of mailing lists you want to keep in mind. Each will be used for a different marketing purpose… ...Read More

Engage and Motivate

Give your customers a reason to come back again and again Personalized sales letters can be powerful tools, but effective personalization takes more than good data. It takes understanding your… ...Read More

Lifetime Tracking Maintains Value in Customer Relationships

When you are tracking the results of your print campaigns, how far do you look? Just at the short-term results, like the dollars generated from a specific promotion? Or are… ...Read More