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Print Marketing Strategy in a Digital World

print marketing strategyThe New Year is the perfect time to rethink your print marketing strategy, revamp your messaging, and refresh your brand. This requires an understanding of the role traditional ink on paper plays in a time when technology adoption and digital delivery are reshaping marketing and customer engagement. We have a few tips that will help revitalize your print marketing strategy.

  1. Invest in customer retention – It costs less to keep the customers you have than to capture new ones, so it is important to keep your customers engaged with a consistent multichannel marketing plan. Maybe you’ve abandoned a print newsletter for an e-version, but your email is getting lost in the inbox and anti-spam legislation is creating new challenges for deliverability. Mailing a newsletter, particularly one that uses variable data to deliver a personalized  message, is a great way to keep your company top of mind.
  2. Get to the point – Your customers have more choices and less time than ever before. Use powerful words to concisely express how you will meet their needs.
  3. Be the customer – Get out of your bubble. Too often, companies are marketing as to what THEY think their customers want as opposed to what customers ACTUALLY want. Do some market research and make sure your strategies and tactics line up with how your customers want to be communicated with.
  4. Freshen up – If you’re anticipating a change in management, introducing a new product or service, or celebrating a significant business milestone, consider a brand refresh. With slight revisions to your branding elements and positioning, you can preserve your brand’s existing equity while infusing new energy into your offerings. Balance this against the consistency of your brand. Change for change’s sake is rarely a wise strategy to employ.

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Smart Strategies for Maximizing Print

Smart StrategyAll around us, we hear about the benefits of going paperless. When it comes to marketing, that’s just not a smart move. When our inboxes are clogged with spam and any company can look big and successful online, print carries a gravitas that inspires confidence and trust.

Now is not the time to give up print. But smart marketers are making their print contacts even more powerful.

1. Focus on recent customers.

Clients who have purchased from you recently know who you are. They just need a simple reminder, such as a postcard or sell sheet, to give them a reason to buy from you again. If you’re looking to stretch your marketing dollars, focus on recent customers first.

2. Know your top customers.

Pay particular attention to retaining customers with the highest profit margin. Then target prospects with similar profiles with the presumption that you will be able to serve them profitably as well. If you don’t know who your top customers are, a proactive investment in data analysis can reap big returns.

3. Be relevant.

You can only satisfy buyer motivations if you understand what your prospects love and hate—their hearts’ true desires and what keeps them awake at night. Knowing your customers and engaging in sincere dialogue about what they want and why they want it will pay off in repeat sales and quality referrals.

Print marketing is evolving. Success is no longer based on trying to get a static, “same to all” message in front of as many people as possible. It’s about marketing smart and marketing relevant, and using the tangible, confidence-building medium of print to its maximum advantage.

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