Convertible Solutions

Company Overview

Convertible Solutions was formed to solve problems for digital printers. Our first solution was for a problem of our own.

When Inter-State Studio and Publishing shifted to digital photo printing for our school portraits, we gained the ability to personalize and enhance the images in ways that our customers had not imagined….

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Clients say….

“I just received my MultiLoft business cards, they stand out and help us stand out.   I like the color selection, blu raspberry inserts worked for us.  

Mark Potter - Conduit Inc.

“Before learning about #1204 Double Thick, when a customer specified a 24pt Substrate, our only option was to print offset. Now we are able to

Kenneth Peterson - Trabon

July 01, 2015 Picking the Right Partners

Take steps toward closing the sale by pairing channels from different marketing categories. Everywhere you look, marketers are talking about multichannel marketing. Direct mail is

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June 24, 2015 Stay in Touch

Do you talk to your customers only when you want to sell them something? If so, consider extending the conversation. Customers are more loyal when

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June 17, 2015 Boost Your Mailing Results!

Did you know that 22% of consumers base their purchase decisions on information they receive in the mail?* That’s great news for marketers. But with

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Check out Convertible Solutions blog written with love for the printer, printing and ink, and creative minds!

Enjoy, ponder, and tell us what you think! Happy reading, happy graphic designing and even happier printing to all.


Imagine the Paperbilities and discover new ideas for your next stellar print project. Our customers share creative samples and ideas to get your mind moving away from that blank screen or page and into an outstanding finished product. For your viewing pleasure -- Enjoy!