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Company Overview

Convertible Solutions was formed to solve problems for digital printers. Our first solution was for a problem of our own.

When Inter-State Studio and Publishing shifted to digital photo printing for our school portraits, we gained the ability to personalize and enhance the images in ways that our customers had not imagined….

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Clients say….

Berlin, 10th of August : Polyprint rings in the future with Fold ‘N Go paper of Convertible Solutions. The Berlin service provider Polyprint goes with

Stefan Meiners - Polyprint GmbH

Great job! Remarkable job, thank you very much. Totally appreciate it. Thank you.

April 01, 2015 A Deep Clean

Spruce up your database for a significant savings on mail. Postal rates got you down? Tempted to cut back on mailing to protect the budget?

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March 25, 2015 Playing to Win!

Think multichannel marketing is still an option? Not anymore. We live in a world in which 94% of consumers have their cellphones within arm’s reach,

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March 18, 2015 Attract More Customers

Direct mail plays a major role in all areas of the customer lifecycle, but is most important to the acquisition stage,” says David McRae, managing

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Imagine the Paperbilities and discover new ideas for your next stellar print project. Our customers share creative samples and ideas to get your mind moving away from that blank screen or page and into an outstanding finished product. For your viewing pleasure -- Enjoy!