What colors work best printed on Diamond Print Glitter™?

Depending on which color of Diamond Print Glitter™ you’re working with, here’s some tips on how to maximize your shine:

Crystal White has a more subtle, elegant glitter effect creating prints that are true-to-color in crisp detail. Lighter tones and transparent inks alow our Diamond Match Glitter™ flakes to adapt and shine through, while darker colors and opaque inks block out the glitter shine. Alternating light and dark colors can even create spot effects without the use of opaque white ink.

Silver Sheen has a bolder, more attention-grabbing glitter effect. Lighter colors and transparent inks will be skewed due to the silver-colored base, but the strength of the shine allows bolder, darker colors to maintain a glitter effect. The metallic glitter base also allows the creation of gold, copper, bronze, and other metallic colors. Using opaque white ink to block out the glitter can help keep certain parts of a design true-to-color and create glitter highlights where they’re wanted.