Peter Holtkamp

We are proud to inform you, that we have done our first customer mailing with the products from Convertible Solutions. We used the FG EU 3300 Selfmailer Coupon.

19. December ,
2 PM in the middle of Germany; printing approval from the customer.
2.05 PM data is on the RIP of the INDIGO 3050.
2.15 PM 200 mailings are printed in 4/4.
2.20 PM the trimmed sheets are getting folded. Everything is pressure-sealed and stamps put on the mailer.
3.30 PM the post car is leaving the company and the mailers will be delivered at the post office.
3.45 PM in Germany…and my hair is still perfect! 🙂

On Saturday 20. December the recipients of the mailing are glad to be receiving the information and coupons!