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100% Recycled Paper Meets MultiLoft®

More and more, sustainability is at the forefront of consumer consciousness. Sustainability messaging in direct mail has increased sharply in recent years, and brand credibility with increasingly eco-conscious consumers benefits from greener practices. Despite concerns about the eco-friendliness of print, paper is a renewable, recyclable resource, and there are many ways to make print marketing more eco-friendly! One great way to make direct mail campaigns and other print marketing projects more eco-friendly is by using recycled paper.

In pursuit of a greener printing industry, Convertible Solutions developed the Elements line of paper. This product line focuses on responsibly sourced paper and paper alternatives to plastic substrates. We are pleased to offer MultiLoft® Elements TerraVellum, a 100% recycled paper made from post-consumer waste, in the Elements line of products!

Floral wedding invitation sample made with MultiLoft Elements TerraVellum recycled paper

MultiLoft® Elements TerraVellum

  • High-quality recycled sheets with a vellum-textured surface
  • Made from 100% recycled, post-consumer waste!
  • Compatible with ANY digital printer
  • Combine two sheets of MultiLoft® Elements™ TerraVellum for a 32pt finished card
  • Combine with any other product in the MultiLoft® Family, and add MultiLoft® Inserts for an even thicker finished piece!
  • Perfect for postcards, business cards, invitations, & more!

Buy One, Get One Tree!

Convertible Solutions is dedicated to creating a greener printing industry, so we’re going beyond just offering an eco-friendly, recycled paper sheet. For every carton of TerraVellum product sold, we pledge to plant one tree!

Request FREE samples of MultiLoft® Elements TerraVellum!

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