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7 Ways to Maximize Impact on a Small Budget

marketing budgetA high-impact marketing campaign comes from creativity and strategy; not limitless resources. Let’s look at seven ways to optimize your marketing budget for maximum impact on minimum dollars.

  1. Concentrate on a niche market – Target your message to a smaller market versus a diverse group of prospects. Maximize your marketing dollars by sending highly relevant, targeted offers rather than general solicitations.
  2. Plan your printing – Involve us in the design of your printed pieces from the beginning. We can often recommend paper, ink, trim sizes, and layouts that will save you money.
  3. Maximize your postal spend – New postage rates have recently gone into effect that address size, shape, and weight. Using these new parameters, we recommend you to create mailings that minimize your postage expense while maximizing your ROI.
  4. Consider postcards. Some studies estimate postcard readership at close to 100%, especially if your design is eye-catching and your message is brief. Ask us for assistance in creating a low-cost postcard that meets postal service specifications for reduced postage.
  5. Be the expert – When prospective clients are in need of your product or service, you will have instant credibility if they have seen your name in print. Create a newsletter or blog, write articles for magazines, newspapers, and journals, or even consider producing your own branded magazine.
  6. Network – Join a speakers bureau and attend trade shows and conferences. Utilize online networking resources, such as LinkedIn. Pass out and mail business cards and brochures to boost awareness among your potential clients.
  7. Partner with non-competing businesses – Identify companies that offer complementary goods and services, and create cooperative marketing collateral using a pool of shared dollars.

There are many cost-effective ways to let future customers know about your company’s products and services. Be resourceful and you will reap the rewards on your balance sheet.