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Add Elegance with MultiLoft® Elite Pearl & Soft Touch!

Image featuring a wedding invitation made from pearl specialty paper and a product tag made from soft touch paper
“Elegance: the quality of being graceful and stylish in appearance or manner; style.”

Convey beauty and style with our MultiLoft® Elite Papers! Ideal for breathtaking extra-thick invitations, upscale mailings/promotions, product tags and much more! These premium, digitally printable specialty papers have our proprietary pressure-activated MultiLoft® coating on one side, allowing them to be bonded to other MultiLoft® products to create quality ultra-thick papers.

Upgrade your print project with one of these MultiLoft® Elite favorites:

  • MultiLoft® Pearl: This shimmering, elegant pearl specialty paper will get your print project noticed.
  • MultiLoft® Soft Touch: The velvety, soft touch feel your customers will love with no post-press coating required! These sheets are pre-converted for easy, cost-effective production.

New to MultiLoft®? Watch a short introduction to this innovative digital printing solution and learn what YOU can create with MultiLoft®!

Coaster designs with typographical quotes. One features a quote about softness and uses soft touch paper. One features a quote about pearls and uses pearl specialty paper.