Deutscher Drucker – Innovation Awards 2010

Convertible Solutions congratulates its customer and partner "themediahouse" for winning the second price at the in ...Read More

Product launch in France

Convertible Solutions announces its product launch in France. Since August our solutions are available in France through Groupe Papyrus France. Groupe Papyrus France 41 rue Delizy – Immeuble Les Diamants… ...Read More

Product launch in The Netherlands

Today the Papyrus Groep Nederland bv presents together with HP Indigo during a special “Digital Event 2009” the product range of Convertible Solutions. Our solutions are now available in The… ...Read More

Product launch in Italy

Convertible Solutions announces its product launch in Italy. Since July our solutions are available in Italy through Schneider Papier Italia S.r.l. Schneider Papier Italia S.r.l. Via Vassanelli, 32 37012 Bussolengo… ...Read More

Convertible Solutions expand activities in Eastern Europe

Convertible Solutions is now available through the Eastern European countries affiliates of Papyrus. Our pre-converted stock Convertible Solutions, rebranded (from Papyrus) as “DigiGold Convertible” has been launched in Croatia, Czech… ...Read More

May 12 Digigold Convertible available in Northern Europe

Exciting News!! For Immediate Release On May 12th Digigold Convertible solutions will be available in Northern Europe through Papyrus’ branch in Sweden. Digigold Convertible line of products are now available… ...Read More

May & June in Europe

May and June in Europe …. See Convertible Solutions Digigold at many local venues. Convertible Solutions’ Digigold will be presented by Mr. Michael Kater at the upcoming Digital Pressure Forum… ...Read More

Customers — Watch your mailbox

Customers — Watch your mailbox for an exciting offer that will help you meet the USPS tabbing recommendations! Within the upcoming weeks you will receive a unique interactive mailer from… ...Read More

Convertible and Papyrus Announce Europe Partnership

Papyrus, a leading paper merchant in Europe, has entered into a strategic sales and distribution partnership with Convertible Solutions, the leader in pre-converted substrates. The product launch, under the name… ...Read More