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Convertible Solutions Presents “Finish Before You Start” at DIMA Conference

Perforating Die
This perforating die is one of many tools used to pre-convert digital substrates prior to printing.

I have one piece of advice for digital printing companies and professional image labs with high quality finishing and bindery needs: Finish before you start!” These words of wisdom, from Convertible Solution’s David Williams, are part of a paper on pre-converted printing substrates that he will present at the DIMA conference at Bally’s Las Vegas at 10:45 on Monday, January 9, 2012.

The value of a printed piece is greatly influenced by how it is finished after it is printed,” explains Williams. “But finishing and binding add complexity that doesn’t fit well into a digital workflow. Pre-converted substrates have most of the finishing steps completed before printing to save a printer both time and money.”

The presentation, part of a DIMA track planned by the Society of Imaging Science and Technology and colocated with the Consumer Electronics show, will cover cohesives, perforations, scores and other pre-conversion techniques and how each impacts the final product. Examples of pre-converted substrates will be shown along with explanations of how they can be used to make everything from postcards to lay-flat books.

We look forward to seeing you in Las Vegas!