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Creating An Amazing Photograph

This image from a school in Guatemala is well lit, composed nicely and tells a story.


What goes into making an amazing photograph? It really depends on the picture, but there are many things you must consider. These are three tips that beginning photographers can use to take their photos to the next level.


  1. Lighting – Your subject has to be lit correctly. A shadow in the wrong place can ruin the perfect photograph, so make sure you have the appropriate light on your subject. Conversely, a properly placed shadow adds an element of mystery and intrigue to a photograph.
  2. Composition – If your photo is confusing, it won’t hold the attention of your viewer. Stage your photo in a way that the point you’re trying to make is clear. If your point is to present a mystery or some confusion to the viewer, that’s fine. Just make sure the mystery you’re trying to present is done so in a way that helps the viewer understand what it is.
  3. Tell A Story- Whatever you are shooting must be interesting; no one wants to look at a boring photograph. Making your photo tell a story not only pulls a viewer in; it encourages them to engage with your other photos.

What tips do you have for aspiring photographers?

Image provided by Terri Williams