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Developing Your Email Marketing Database

email marketingEmail marketing continues to be a highly effective strategy for you to accomplish your business goals. According to QuickSprout, email subscribers are 3 times more likely to share your content via social media than visitors from other sources. That and 69 other stats about email marketing are worth your time to consider here. The bottom line? Clients who provide their email addresses are typically more engaged with your company, more brand loyal, and more open to multiple marketing touches. When marketing to these people—regardless of channel—you are likely to get better results.

Having an email address also provides the opportunity to warm your leads prior to sending a direct mail piece or to follow up on a direct mail campaign, nudging nonresponders into action. How do you capture your customer’s email addresses? Here are some ideas.

  • Just Ask – Next time you talk to your customers, ask if they are willing to provide an email address. Be sure to tell them about the benefits of receiving emails from you (e.g. exclusive deals, timely information, etc). You might be surprised how many addresses you can gather simply by asking.
  • Conduct A Survey – Mailing surveys to get feedback on customers’ perceptions and experience with your company is always a good idea. When customers respond, ask them to update their contact information, including their email address, at the same time.
  • Use Incentives – Use your website to allow customers to enter a contest or respond to a free offer. When they opt-in, require them to provide their email address before they access the offer.
  • Add A Form To Your Website – When people visit your site, make it easy for them to sign up for e-newsletters and other communications. Ask them to provide, or update, their contact information and watch the email addresses roll in.

These are just some ideas. Talk to us about these and other techniques for building your email database and driving even better responses to your print marketing.