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Drip by Drip

Nurtured prospects are higher-value prospects

Watering CanLead nurturing is the process of “dripping” relevant information via print, email, or other channels to sales leads (or even new customers) over time. The type and volume of content is based on user action or some predetermined time interval.

Lead nurturing is a process unfamiliar to many marketers. So why bother? The answer is profitability. According to Forrester Research, companies that excel at lead nurturing generate 50% more sales ready leads at 33% lower cost. That’s powerful!

Let’s look at five types of lead nurturing campaigns and how they can boost your bottom line.

Product-focused Campaigns

Once someone “raises their hand” to show an interest in your products, your job is not done. It has just begun! Now you can begin dripping a variety of information to nurture that lead all the way through to a sale. Regularly feed content such as case studies, white papers, and data sheets. Give prospects enough information (and the right information) to make a purchase decision.

Overcoming Objections

Once you have begun the “standard” feed of content, many prospects will be convinced to make a purchase. Others may need more help. If they are interested but not yet ready to buy, try increasing the level of detail or specificity. Offer more detailed technical papers, customer testimonials, or analysis from industry experts. A comparison/ contrast with competitive products might be in order.

Lead Re-Engagement Campaigns

At some point in the sales funnel, prospects can become disengaged from the process. Maybe they handed the project off to someone else. Maybe they were wooed away by a competitor. Or maybe they just got busy. Whatever the reason, re-engagement campaigns are designed to draw them back in. Blog posts, case studies, and customer testimonials are great ways to re-spark interest.

Promotional/Closing Campaigns

After a prospect has been exposed to escalating “drips” of relevant content, it is time to close the deal. Send a promotional offer or specific, personalized call to action to get them to pull the trigger.

“Top of Mind” Campaigns

Even once someone becomes a customer, don’t stop pursuing them. When they get ready to upgrade or make a related purchase, you want that sale to be from you. Kick off the relationship with a welcome letter, postcard, or information kit. Make new customers feel valued and appreciated. Invite them to a relationship with your company. Then stay top of mind with educational newsletters, tips and tricks postcards, and regular “drip” emails with product updates, promotions, and contests to keep them engaged until they are in a position to make another purchase.