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Elements Of An Interesting Photograph

We talked about the perfectly composed photograph a few weeks ago, and the next part of that conversation is how to make your photograph interesting. If your photograph is perfectly composed, but doesn’t draw viewers in, something is missing. We have three rules we adhere to in making our photos as interesting as possible:

1. Connect With The Viewer – You’ve taken your photo with your audience in mind, so make sure you’re connecting with them. Remind them of a past experience or emotion and draw them into your photo.

2. Pose A Question – Inspire curiosity in your photo. If your photo is somewhat mysterious or sparks a desire for more information, it will draw your viewer in. For example, in our sample photograph, there are several questions to be asked. What are the relationships between these three people? What are they talking about? Is it good news? Bad news? Exciting? Terrifying?

3. Inspire Emotion – Provoke a response in your viewer. If it’s happiness, introspection, curiosity, sadness, laughter; inspire emotion. It creates a connection with your viewer and draws them in.