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How do TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ Sheets work?

TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ booklets are a signature product from Convertible Solutions. The continuous, staple-free spreads make for sturdy & professional menus, brochures, catalogs & more with graphics that flow uninterrupted across the spreads!

But how does the unique TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ binding process work?

The foundation of the binding process lies with the MultiLoft® cohesive coating, Convertible Solutions’ signature technological innovation. Just like MultiLoft® Sheets, TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ sheets are coated on one side with a dry cohesive that can safely pass through a digital printer. When a printed MultiLoft® or TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ Sheet is collated with another sheet (cohesive sides touching) and pressed at 300psi, a strong bond is formed.

Diagram showing the three steps in creating a finished piece using MultiLoft

Where typical saddle-stitching relies on staples to bind the sheets, TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ booklets are bonded by the MultiLoft® cohesive for a clean, seamless look! Create booklets in a range of sizes and page counts—including 6 or 10 pages, which are page counts impossible to create through saddle-stitching.

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For more information about MultiLoft®, check out this introductory video as well as a live demonstration of MultiLoft® Sheets in action!

Home remodeling catalog made with TRU-Flat Panoramic Sheets