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Interactive Mailer: The Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card!

This unique, interactive mailer from the Fold ‘N Go® family includes a tear-away reveal panel. Encouraging customers to interact with your mail piece is a great way to stand out from other direct mail.

Fold N Go® Reveal Card sheets are manufactured with perforations and MultiLoft® pressure-activated cohesive coating built in, so printing and finishing is easy! Simply:

  • PRINT your design onto the Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card sheets
  • FOLD the sheets along the pre-perforated center line
  • TRIM the postcard using 300psi to bond the MultiLoft® cohesive
  • MAIL the interactive Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card!

Here’s some ideas on how to use your Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card:

1. Member birthday rewards

Does your business have a membership rewards program? Do you offer exclusive promotions or other birthday bonuses to your members? The Fold ‘N Go reveal card is a clever way to surprise your customers with their birthday promotional offer!

Even better, personalize their gift using variable data! Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Cards are designed specifically for digital printing compatibility, so variable text and even graphics are a cinch. A personalized, interactive mailer is a great way to show your loyal customers that they matter to your business.

2. Deliver your business card

With Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Cards, it’s possible to include smaller printed pieces inside the mailer itself! Your business card is an important asset for connecting with a customer, so why not send it alongside your promotion?

Other than business cards, consider sending a promotional sticker or gift card!

3. Show before and after pictures

Does your business generate dramatic before-and-after results? For landscaping, basement finishing, interior renovation companies and more, the reveal card is a clever way to show off your work! Encourage recipients to open the reveal mailer and see how you fixed that burned out, weedy lawn or bare-bones basement.

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