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How To Create Loyal Millennial Customers

Loyal Millennial customersLoyal Millennial customers are among the most highly sought after customers out there. Why? It’s pretty simple. They are one of the largest generations in history, they have lots of disposable income, and they recruit like no other generation before them for their favorite brands. So, how do you go about attracting this key customer base? We’re glad you asked. Here are a few tips to get you started. Just remember that each brand has a distinct audience that needs to be marketed to in certain ways.

Use Multiple Channels – Millennials are multi-channel researchers. One study of their travel planning habits found that Millennials use an average of 10.2 information sources during the planning stage. If you have a legitimate presence on multiple channels, you’re likely to develop loyal millennial customers. That said…don’t create a presence on a channel just to be there. Be sure to check out whether it makes sense for your brand to be there.

Provide Relevant Information – Know what types of information Millennials want from you and how they want that information shared before you move them into the sales funnel. Respecting their channel preferences is critical to these consumers.

Shorten the timeframe – Millennials use a lot of devices and draw on lots of information sources during the research process, but they make the actual buying decision fairly quickly. If you are selling from a physical location, running local ads on Facebook or display ads within a tight radius of your location will help put you in a position to win with Millennials.

Make it easy to share – According to the Boston Consulting Group, Millennials are twice as likely as non-Millennials to share pictures or experiences online using their mobile phones. So help them do it! Create incentives for social-media sharing such as “Post a picture of yourself in our store on Facebook or Instagram and get 10% off immediately!”

Millennials are a valuable demographic to connect with and developing loyal Millennial customers is crucial for your brand. Even if it doesn’t serve a Millennial audience now…it will at some point in the future. After all, what could be better than attracting customers who, once their loyalty is secured, will turn around and attract more of the same type of customers for you?