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Product Spotlight – My Journey Cards™

Running out of space on your business card? It’s tough to tell clients and customers everything you want them to know about you and your company on just a small 2-sided card.

Convertible Solutions developed the My Journey™ Card to solve this space issue! My Journey™ Cards are made with the unique TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ binding process, resulting in a completely staple-free booklet with continuous spreads.

Elaborate about your business, background, and more on 6 or 8 pages of design real-estate ! The panoramic spreads are perfect for product images, professional headshots, and other photographic content. My Journey™ Cards are also perfect for creating wallet-sized brochures, loyalty incentive promotions, and more!

Also, My Journey™ Cards are available in soft touch or pearl covers for extra tactile or visual appeal.

Contact Convertible Solutions for more information and free samples!

New to TRU-Flat® Panoramic™? Check out a short introduction!

Multi-page real estate business card made with a My Journey Card