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Response mailing made easy with Fold ‘N Go®!

Response mailing sample design for an animal shelter. Displays the open mailer, closed self mailer, and detached return envelope.

Between outer envelopes, return envelopes, and inserts, producing and fulfilling a response mailing package can be a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the moving parts of a response mailing job were condensed into one piece?

Enter, the Fold ‘N Go® Return Mailer!

This innovative, all-in-one solution for response mailing is a folding self-mailer. It includes a perforated response panel and return envelope with Re-Moist adhesive built in! Utilize variable data on this digitally printable mailer to give it a personal touch that really speaks to the recipient.

Because this self-mailer is formed from a single sheet, there’s no need for time-consuming hand fulfillment, and no risk of personalized envelopes and inserts being mixed up. And, it’s easier to create a mailer that catches the eye! Fold ‘N Go® Return Mailers offer more external design flexibility than a stock outer envelope, helping your piece stand out in the mailbox.

Whether you’re a non-profit or charity seeking donations, or presenting a sweepstakes or registration/order form, Fold ‘N Go® Return Mailers are an efficient solution!

New to Fold ‘N Go®? Check out this brief introductory video, and request some free samples!

Response mailing sample design for an animal shelter. Displays the open mailer with perforations highlighted, and the detached return envelope.