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Smart Marketing: Getting The Most Out Of Your Information

Smart marketing is not limited to a set number of strategies or tactics. It does not have boundaries on what it can accomplish, and all it requires is looking at your situation from a different angle. Here’s a few ways you can take advantage of information already at your disposal and turn your marketing into smart marketing.

  • Segmenting – This involves taking an existing list and breaking it up into broad demographic or psychographic groups. For example, you might speak to women differently from men, singles differently from married couples, and those with children differently from those without. Although there will be variation within each demographic, there will be a number of shared characteristics that enable you to target the message.
  • Targeting – Rarely will you need to target your entire database at once. Instead, try selecting out target groups based on the goals of the campaign. You may select out your best customers for a special discount, for example, or promote certain products to key geographic areas based on anticipated weather conditions.
  • Personalizing – The ultimate in targeting is speaking to each individual by name and creating the message based on what you know about that person. A good example is travel companies offering personalized travel recommendations based on trips their customers have taken in the past.
  • Trigger-based mailings –  These are mailings that are automatically generated based on some external event. For example, automotive dealers often send mailings promoting trade-ins in advance of the expiration of a customer’s lease or encouraging customers to come into the service department at the time their car’s mileage is expected to hit a certain point.

As 2017 looms in the near future, smart marketing can make the difference between another ho-hum year with modest increases and the year your company takes off. You don’t need the latest app everyone is talking about. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on purchasing new emails or addresses. If you approach your current information from a new angle, use smart marketing tactics like we mentioned above, you’ll grow your audience and revenue organically. Need a push in the right direction? We’re just a click away.