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Staple-Free booklets for menus, brochures & more!

Create brochures, menus and more with continuous, staple-free spreads using TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ Sheets! This unique product from Convertible Solutions utilizes our patented MultiLoft® cohesive technology instead of typical binding methods.

TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ Sheets are coated with the dry, cohesive coating which—when collated and put under pressure (minimum 300psi)—binds the pages together. This results in staple-free booklets, with page counts capacity in multiples of 2 instead of the typical 4!

Traditional saddle-stitching disrupts the flow of images and graphics in the center of each finished spread. With the unique TRU-Flat® binding method, images flow continuously across the spread in a panoramic display. These staple-free booklets are ideal for displaying products, food items, portfolio images and more!

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Image features a staple-free booklet with a seafood taphouse menu design