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Counteract Commoditization with Creativity

Anyone can come up with a snazzy jingle or discount a product. Marrying great creative with insightful, database-driven personalization is more challenging. It also generates better results because the mailer… ...Read More

Setting Realistic Expectations for Personalization

According to one research firm, personalized printing (also called variable data printing) increases response rates by an average of 36%, average order size or value by 25%, and customer loyalty… ...Read More

Kicking Fundraising into High Gear!

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Seeking Attention?

Which Mailing Formats Work Best? Read It Here! How is direct mail evolving in today’s world of electronic media? A Nielsen and RAPP Germany study decided to find out. Their… ...Read More

Five Metrics You Need to Know About Personalization

Whether for print or email, best-in-class marketers are using personalization. Below are five metrics about personalization that you need to know. Best-in-class marketers use personalization. In its study “Analytics for… ...Read More

Personal Preferences

How well do you know your audience? Personalization is based on the use of data, but it’s important to keep in mind that data by itself doesn’t create relevance. That… ...Read More

Think Personalization, Think Green

    When you think about personalization, do you think about lower cost per lead, higher per order values and increased ROI? You should. But you should also get excited… ...Read More

Captivate Your Audience

Engage your customers and create loyal fans by following these best practices in 1:1 printing. If you want great marketing results, it’s important to personalize your message. This means personalizing… ...Read More