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The Keys to Success

KeysFollow these five marketing strategies that go beyond the quick fix.


Want to knock your 1:1 print marketing out of the park? Think about personalization as a long-term program strategy rather than a one-off quick fix.

Here are five reasons to focus on recurring 1:1 print marketing programs rather than one-off campaigns:



 Programs equal relationships.

Personalization, by definition, is personal. This implies relationship. To establish a relationship with your customers, you need to get to know them. No one-off campaign, no matter how successful, establishes relationship.

 You benefit from what you learn.

At the beginning of a campaign, you are making educated guesses about how your customers will think and act. As your customers respond, you learn how they actually behave and why. This allows you to modify your strategy in terms of focus, messaging, offers, and calls to action to have the most impact over time. Ultimately, this delivers higher returns.

 Programs bring in more revenue.

As you learn which messaging, offers, and other campaign elements are most effective at reaching your customers, your campaigns will be more profitable. More refined campaigns translate into higher response rates, higher conversion rates, and increased ROI.

 Maximize investment.

Setting up your first 1:1 print campaign requires an investment in time and money. By developing programs rather than one-off campaigns, your set-up costs are amortized across the life of the program. As costs are amortized, your ROI per campaign goes up.

 You don’t have to continually re-prove program value.

Unless you are the president or owner of the company, chances are you had to work with a team of others to make the initial decision to deploy 1:1 print marketing. Even if the campaign is successful, each time you run another campaign, you need to go through the entire process again. This takes time and energy you could be spending developing the campaigns themselves. With the program approach, you have the freedom to refine and develop 1:1 programs without having to re-prove their value before each deployment.

 Think BIG.

When it comes to 1:1 campaign success, think big! Programs allow you to develop and refine your strategy over time and take advantage of the value of relationship-building in your message.

One-off campaigns can produce great short-term results, but the best, most lasting results come from investing in your customers over time.