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Three Tips to Maximize Nonprofit Direct Mail



If you’re a nonprofit, you know how critical direct mail is to fundraising.

Here are three tips from the experts on how to maximize your efforts.



1. Print is the most effective way for nonprofits to solicit donations.

With so many “free” marketing channels out there, it might be tempting to transition much of your fundraising to electronic media. However, direct mail remains the strongest, most effective way for nonprofits to solicit donations.

According to YouGov, 21% of people gave to a nonprofit last year because of a print solicitation. This is compared to 12% who gave through mass media, 6% through social media, and 10% through email. To keep donations flowing, don’t stop the direct mail!

2. Treat your donors like the most important people in the world.

Treated right, most people who donate to an organization will do so again. That’s why your house list is the most important list you have. Keep this list clean, up to date, and treat your donors like the most important people in the world — because they are.

What about prospecting? Purchasing a relevant direct mail list is an important way to bring in new people who might be interested in your mission, but it will not be your primary source of donations. Prospecting helps to expand your donor base, but your house list is the primary source of your fundraising dollars.

3. Make sure donors understand where their money will be used.

When it comes to a person’s likelihood to donate, the most important factor is his or her personal connection to the organization. To increase donations, use direct mail to build real, lasting relationships with donors over time.

  • Make sure your donors understand your mission and where their money will be used.
  • Write to donors by name and personalize your messaging based on the specific areas or projects to which they have donated.
  • Provide pictures or stories about the specific ways their donations are being used. If people are donating to an ongoing project, keep them in the loop on the progress.



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Tuesday November 16, 2021