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Unique Direct Mail Products to Help You Stand Out

Graphic showing a red mailbox with a unique direct mail Fold N Go reveal mailer
According to recent articles from Forbes, direct mail marketing is projected to expand through 2021, and as telework continues, direct mail holds an advantage over digital marketing.

After well over a year of zoom calls and days spent staring at screens from home, many people are worn out on digital marketing, with email ads piling up in inboxes and digital ads growing stale and being glossed over. With growing consumer apathy to this digital oversaturation, direct mail marketing can cut through the noise.

Direct mail offers an edge in providing a sensory experience, and Convertible Solutions offers some unique direct mail products and substrates to help you stand out from the rest of the mailbox:
Graphic showing a Fold N Go Reveal Card, a unique direct mail piece with a peel away reveal panel

Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card

A hands-on, interactive direct mail piece is a good way to attract a customer’s attention. This unique postcard from our Fold ‘N Go® family of products features one large, perforated peel-back panel perfect for sale reveals and more!

  • Leverage variable data to personalize the reveal card exterior with the recipient’s name, as if it’s a gift just for them!
  • Include gift or discount cards, business cards, or even a promotional sticker or magnet inside the reveal card!
  • A unique way to deliver dividends or exclusive deals to rewards program members!
A Fold N Go Return Mailer all-in-one response mailer shown opened and closed. It features a high school marching band donation drive.

Fold ‘N Go® Return Mailer

Business reply mail is a common way for nonprofits and other charities to engage with donors. However, outer envelopes can be difficult to customize, and producing/hand-fulfilling mailing packages poses a problem for cost-effectiveness.

With the Fold ‘N Go® Return Mailer, the entire mailing package is condensed into a single piece with perforations and glues built in! Introduce your organization or mission in full color on the outside of this self-mailer, and recipients can easily respond using the built-in, perforated response panel and return envelope. The return envelope is already coated with a moisture-activated adhesive, just like a standard envelope!

  • Reduce production time- simply print, fold, trim and mail this all-in-one response mail solution!
  • Personalize any part of the mailer with variable data!
  • Plenty of design real-estate for images and detail related to your organization!
Ultra thick postcard made with MultiLoft Sheets

MultiLoft® Family of Products

MultiLoft® makes it easy to create ultra-thick postcards typically not possible through digital printing! The patented, dry cohesive coating allows sheets to be printed and then bonded together with just the aid of a standard in-house trimmer.