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UV Coating & Cohesive Glues

In this business you learn something new every week, and last week didn’t disappoint.

A mailing for ourselves, using our Double Thick Cards, was printed, UV coated, folded, sealed (sort of), and mailed.  Problem was, the cohesive didn’t seem to perform very well and some of our cards arrived in two pieces (front & back).

Our cards are printed on one side on an Indigo press.  They are then UV coated on one side and folded so that glue contacts glue and creates the 24 point thickness.  The folded stock is moved to a guillotine trimmer where the clamp bar applies the sealing pressure to the card, and the card is trimmed 4 sides.

However, this time, the liquid UV coating came in contact with the glue side of the sheet during the UV coating process and sealed the top surface of our cohesive.  On most products, backside contact isn’t an issue; however, cohesive glue covered with UV coating will not perform very well.

We have extremely high expectations for ourselves and our products, so this was embarrassing, but we have made the necessary adjustments to our UV coating procedures and put in an additional QC check point to prevent this from occurring in the future.

We are fanatically dedicated to maintaining your confidence in us and our work, and we remain 100% confident in our products’ ability to meet  your quality expectations.

We know, everyone in this business has a story like this, but we thank you for your understanding if you were one who received a poorly sealed card.  New ones are on the way.


Image above by Alex Jarvis via Flickr.