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Why Professional Conferences and Trade Shows Bolster Your Bottom Line

“I don’t have the time to go and my company can’t afford it right now.” That’s usually the reasoning people give for not attending professional development or trade shows, but their perspective is wrong. You can’t afford not to go to conferences and trade shows.

Most events are a few days to a week long and let you network (there’s a proper way to do that), or get your product in front of a core demographic. You have an opportunity to directly market yourself and your product to potential customers and respond instantly to any questions they may have. Done correctly, you will win new customers who may end up becoming brand evangelists.

We’re attending PMA@CES next month where we’ll demonstrate our TRU-Flat process for binding lay-flat Panoramic photo books. If you’ll be there too, be sure to stop by and say hi. What are your favorite conferences and trade shows?