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Why Social Media Won’t Kill Direct Mail Marketing

Photo courtesy of Birger Hartung via Flickr Creative Commons

Social media has revolutionized the marketing world in many ways. One could even argue it has revolutionized the way we communicate. It has opened up new ways of reaching customers that were impossible just a few years ago. However, that doesn’t mean it will replace tried and true methods of reaching customers like direct mail marketing.

Let’s talk history for a moment. When TV was invented, everyone said it would be the end of radio. When the Internet began taking off, many started predicting the end of television. We see social media in that same line of thinking; it is certainly another tool for businesses to have in their arsenal, but it shouldn’t replace what has proven to work for your business. As we discussed last week, social media and direct mail marketing should compliment each other, not compete. That’s not why social media won’t kill direct mail marketing.

Social media, at its core, is all about engaging in conversation. Talking with customers, meeting their needs in real-time, and answering questions being posed. Direct mail marketing is about sending a specific message to a select group of people. It’s intention is drive action; come to a sale, order a catalog, whatever you want your customers to do. See the difference? Social media won’t kill direct mail marketing because their core functionalities are very different.

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