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5 Things To Consider Before Rebranding

rebrandingRebranding is a big deal, and it shouldn’t be done lightly. If you’re looking to shake up your marketing, or inject some life into your brand, rebranding might not be the right strategy to use. These are five instances you should embark on a rebranding journey.

  1. When Something Major Changes – Businesses evolve, and there is a point where you are a different business than you were a few years ago. Maybe you’ve expanded into new areas or you’ve had a growth spurt and your local brand needs to grow with it. If your business has experienced significant change, a rebranding could make sense.
  2. When Customers Change – Just as businesses change, so do their customers. McDonald’s customers have become more health-conscious, for example. Harley-Davidson’s customers have gotten younger. These changes have seen significant changes in the presentation of the brand. Have your customers gone through a significant and long-term change? If so, then taking a look at how your current branding lines up with what your customers are searching for is in order.
  3. Your Brand Looks Stale – Eventually, even the best visual branding begins to look dated. What looked cool in the 1990s isn’t going to play today. Color trends, fonts, logos, and entire brand representations need a makeover every once in awhile. How long has it been since your brand had one?
  4. When Your Engagement Is Lacking – Customer engagement can often be recaptured with fresh ways of marketing, but sometimes, there is something about the branding that no longer connects. If you can’t get sales out of a slump, maybe new branding can help prospects see your products with fresh eyes.
  5. You Look Like Everyone Else – When you opened your business in a hot new market 10 years ago, you were unique. But as new competitors poured into your space, that uniqueness has faded. If you are no longer standing out from your competition, fresh branding can help you break through.

Nodding your head and think rebranding is the way to move forward? We’re excited to talk with you about some ideas to get you started and how our products can make it all happen.