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Audience Development: Details Matter

audience development

Audience development is not a simple task. When it comes to reaching customers with your marketing message it sometimes feels like you’re trying to get the attention of a playground full of screaming school children. You might think that nothing could break through the din, but if you say the right thing — say, “FREE ICE CREAM!” — suddenly, they all have ears. That’s knowing your audience well and having done the audience development to prepare them to listen.

Breaking through with your marketing message is no different. It’s about finding the reason — the “why” — the recipient should respond. In marketing literature, we see this “why” described in terms such as psychographic motivations, behavior traits, and category interactions, but when it comes down to it, you’re just trying to understand what motivates someone.

Here are 3 steps to getting at the “why.”

  1. Understand The Context Of Your Data – In reviewing your data, you may discover that there is a spike in purchases from women 30-49 years old living in the suburbs. Now you need to find out why the spike exists. What’s happening in this demographic group that’s driving the change? This will allow you to better target the message.
  2. Understand The Customer Journey – Not every customer responds the same way at every stage of the customer journey. Customers will have different needs at the discovery stage than they do the decision stage. Target your message not only to the person, but to where they are along this continuum.
  3. Use Familiar Topics To Hook Your Audience – Tap into current events, the customer’s lifestage, and any other relevant areas of context when creating your message. The more you can frame their need for your product to something specific happening in their lives, the more easily you will be able to move them to make a purchase decision.

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