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How to Keep Your Customers Happy and Loyal

Happy CustomerWith so many marketers vying for your customers’ business, how do you keep your customers happy and loyal? Everyone talks about great service, great products, and great pricing, so let’s look at five less discussed (but just as critical) ways to keep ‘em coming back.


 1. Collect behavioral data.

Truly personalized print marketing goes beyond basic demographics like gender, age, and household income. Look at all the channels your customers respond to (not just print), when they make purchases, and what they buy. Not only does this deeper level of personalization increase the relevance of the messaging and your customers’ sense that you know and care about them, but cross-sells and upsells require behavioral data, as well.

 2. Take your coupons mobile.

Consumers have a love affair with coupons. They also have a love affair with mobile. Combining the two packs a powerful punch. According to Juniper Research, mobile coupons are 10x more likely to be used than printed coupons. So if you’re offering coupons, make sure you’re offering both print and mobile versions.

 3. Personalize by channel.

Know which channels your customers are most likely to respond to, then capitalize on it. If a customer requires two touches to respond by email but responds the first time to direct mail, get them on the “mail first” list. If another customer is more likely to respond to an email than a printed newsletter, get them on the “email first” list. Keep your branding, message, and imaging consistent regardless of channel, but focus on the channel each customer prefers. Not only will your response rates go up, but your customers will appreciate it, too.

 4. Ask their opinion.

When you’re in the process of making a business decision, ask your customers’ opinions. Use response cards, personalized URLs, and other survey mechanisms to get their feedback. When one specialty retailer wanted to give its location a facelift, it used a personalized, targeted direct mail piece with personalized URLs to ask its customers about products and services they wanted but the company didn’t offer. It got an earful! The retailer listened, incorporated the most popular suggestions, and its sales soared. When you listen, your customers notice!

 5. Say “thanks” once in awhile.

Everyone likes to be appreciated. Send a personalized “thank you” letter, postcard, or other mailer once in a while. Attach a no-strings coupon or discount just to engender their goodwill . . . and you’ll get it.

 Customer loyalty doesn’t have to be rocket science. It just has to be intentional.