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Imposition Studio by Devalipi Software Solves Double Thick Challenge

Convertible Solutions Double Thick Cards are a popular choice for high response targeted campaigns utilizing variable data and QR codes, and until recently our popular 4-up cards presented a real challenge to our imposition process.  So what was the challenge?

We have found most major imposition software choices on the market today can easily apply variable data to one or both sides of the 2-up Double Thick cards. We have also had good experiences with the popular software choices in applying variable data to the 4-up cards when printing a static image on one side and variable data on one side.

The challenge was with the printing of variable data on both sides of the 4-up card.

Double Thick Cards have both the front and the back of the finished card printed on the same side of the sheet.  Designing the imposition layout to handle this unusual arrangement was a problem, but Devalipi Software’s Imposition Studio 4 provides a simple and inexpensive solution.  Imposition Studio can easily handle the unusual 4-up double-sided pagination challenge, as well as all of the other simple tasks, allowing our design team to use one imposition solution for every Double Thick card offering.