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Pre-Converted Soft Touch Paper Saves Time!

Spa business cards featuring Convertible Solutions pre-converted soft touch paper and MultiLoft cotton candy pink sheets
Soft touch coating is a customer favorite, enhancing the luxury of business cards, product tags and virtually any print collateral. However, incorporating this premium coating isn’t always cost effective—especially for short runs—due to additional post-press processing and drying time. Wouldn’t a digitally printable, pre-converted soft touch paper make everything so much easier?

Good news: Soft Touch Sheets are available from Convertible Solutions for use on HP and other digital printers!

This supple, pre-converted soft touch paper eliminates the need for post-press coating processes and saves production time and cost. This makes it more accessible to customers, especially for short run printing jobs.

Even better, the MultiLoft® Elite version of our pre-converted soft touch paper can be combined with other MultiLoft® substrates or colorful inserts for a truly unique printed piece. All MultiLoft® Sheets & Inserts utilize a dry, pre-applied cohesive coating that is digital printer-safe and easily pressure-activated on your in-house trimmer. For extra interest, try combining with pearl or another MultiLoft Elite® specialty substrate!

Use these texture-rich sheets for premium business cards, social announcement cards & invitations, luxurious product tags, brochure covers and more!

Call Convertible Solutions today to request free samples of Soft Touch Sheets & MultiLoft® Elite Soft Touch!

New to MultiLoft®? Watch a short introduction to this innovative digital printing solution and learn what YOU can create with MultiLoft®!

Retail product tag and baby shower invitation designs made with pre-converted soft touch paper