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Printing Direct Mail in Your Office

Convertible Solutions has reformatted three of the most popular Fold ‘N Go pressure seal products to run through 8.5” x 11″ home and business printers.  The Single Pull-Tab Mailer, V-Fold Mailer & Z-Fold Mailers, previously available only for digital presses, can now be printed on a standard toner-based office copier/laser printer and sealed using affordable desktop sealing machines.

“Our customers understand the value of quality in their direct marketing pieces.  The new size brings the high-end features of pull tabs, removable cards, message security and coated papers to any business with a laser printer,” says Patty Swihart, National Sales Manager.

“Pressure seal finishing is no longer limited to low quality forms or simple tri-fold paper fliers, ” David Lake, Director of Operations, explains. “With these pre-converted coated stocks, high quality marketing pieces with great image and color quality can be produced at relatively low cost.  We anticipate rapid adoption by ad agencies and print shops that can design and print short-run mailings in-house.”