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Direct Mail Checklist

In today’s world of complex creative and nonstop marketing assault, it’s easy to forget the basics. Before designing that visually extravagant mailer, take a step back and make sure you’ve… ...Read More

Why Paperless Is Not a Smart Move

All around us, we hear about the benefits of going paperless. When it comes to marketing, that may not be the best move. In a world of social media saturation… ...Read More

The Private Life of Mail

You know how your marketing pieces are born. You have an intimate knowledge of how they are designed, produced, and mailed. But what happens once they reach your customer’s door?… ...Read More

Attract More Customers

Direct mail plays a major role in all areas of the customer lifecycle, but is most important to the acquisition stage,” says David McRae, managing director of data and technology… ...Read More

Test Everything!

If you are going to spend money to survey customers, append your database, or refine demographics on a purchased list, you want to make sure that these are variables that… ...Read More

Watch your sales soar with print!

As a marketer, would you rather use a channel that is inexpensive or that delivers results? If you said results, then you need print. The industry is ripe with data… ...Read More

Loyalty Programs Really Pay Off

Does your company have a loyalty program? A way to keep customers engaged with your business and encourage repeat business over time? If not, it might be time to get… ...Read More

Getting Personal

Build a solid customer database with these step-by-step best practices. Want to generate more leads and increase your ROI? Get personal! Personalized printing, especially in an integrated, multi-channel campaign that… ...Read More