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5 Steps To Trustworthy Direct Mail Campaigns

People don’t just buy from companies they like. They buy from companies they find trustworthy. When you send out direct mail campaigns, it’s important to keep this in mind. Let’s look at… ...Read More

3 Reasons Video is a Must In Your Marketing Plan

Since moving pictures first captured our attention in the 1890’s, video has captured our imaginations. It takes us to amazing lands of fantasy where women conquer foreign lands from the… ...Read More

Lessons on Customer Loyalty

Business experts agree that it costs less to keep an existing customer than it does to acquire a new one and that engaged customers tend to purchase more over time.… ...Read More

What Customer Data Are You Missing?

Do you have enough customer data in your marketing list to make your targeting as effective as it can be? If not, you can work with a reputable list provider… ...Read More

3 Reasons Direct Mail Is Still Relevant

Every year, Target Marketing conducts its Media Usage Survey. In this survey, the magazine asks how readers are allocating their budgets, which channels are increasing and decreasing, and which channels its… ...Read More

Put Data To Work For Your Company

Think you don’t own enough data to do personalized marketing? That might not be the case. Often marketers do own enough data, but it is not well organized or incomplete.… ...Read More

The Summertime Marketing Opportunity

Have you ever noticed that your mailbox gets emptier in the summer? That retail POP displays don’t turn as frequently? As the weather heats up, marketing typically slows down. The… ...Read More

The 9-point Power Marketing Checklist

WANT TO MAKE YOUR MARKETING CAMPAIGNS THE MOST EFFECTIVE THEY CAN BE? Be sure you’re hitting all of the key marketing components. In addition to factoring in the list, the… ...Read More

More Than “The Guy Who Prints My Stuff”

Quick! Define commercial printer. “What? You mean the guy who prints my stuff?” If that was your answer, maybe it’s time you took another look. At one time, the printer… ...Read More