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How To Create Loyal Millennial Customers

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Evaluating Success of Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

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5 Steps To Trustworthy Direct Mail Campaigns

People don’t just buy from companies they like. They buy from companies they find trustworthy. When you send out direct mail campaigns, it’s important to keep this in mind. Let’s look at… ...Read More

Thinking Direct Mail? Think Timing

When we think about the benefits of direct mail, we think of tangibility, message retention, and breaking through the clutter. But when GrayHair Software thinks about direct mail, it thinks… ...Read More

Point of View

Print beats out digital for engagement and recall. W ant people to react to your marketing message? Be able to recall the details later? Use print! Research continues to pile… ...Read More


5 Best Practices for Multichannel Marketing There is an old saying that two are better than one. That applies to marketing channels, too. Combining channels reinforces the message, keeps you… ...Read More

It’s All About That Mix

  Want great sales?   It’s all about that mix—the marketing mix. From print to email to mobile, top marketers combine channels to provide a consistent customer experience regardless of… ...Read More

Picking the Right Partners

Take steps toward closing the sale by pairing channels from different marketing categories. Everywhere you look, marketers are talking about multichannel marketing. Direct mail is paired with email. Email is… ...Read More

Playing to Win!

Think multichannel marketing is still an option? Not anymore. We live in a world in which 94% of consumers have their cellphones within arm’s reach, and 65% of email is… ...Read More