Author: David Williams

What’s Your Video Strategy?

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Mobile: Changing the Way Consumers Buy

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Print Packs an ROI Punch

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Are You Creating a Seamless Customer Experience?

In a world in which customers increasingly expect to move seamlessly from channel to channel, 78% of customers still receive a fragmented channel experience, according to Accenture. How can you… ...Read More

The Fine Art of Getting Noticed

Why using a skilled designer makes a difference You can profile your data, segment your mailing, and create highly relevant, personalized mail pieces, but if the design falls short, the… ...Read More

5 Ways to Track Direct Mail

Learn how to boost ROI by closely monitoring your results. You’ve worked hard to develop a powerful personalized direct mail campaign. The piece is beautiful. The colors are vibrant. You’ve… ...Read More

Are QR Codes Your Best Fundraising Tool?

Okay, QR Codes probably aren’t your best fundraising tool, but they certainly can be a critical part of the mix. Adding QR Codes to your fundraising letters, in-store displays, and… ...Read More

Follow the (Typesetting) Rules

  There are many details of print design that separate the professional from the amateur. Understanding the rules of type is one of them. While headings, graphics, and logos can… ...Read More

Is Print Personalization a Gimmick?

Print personalization — you hear about it everywhere. Use printed pieces to talk directly to recipients based on name, gender, past purchase history, or other information to achieve higher response… ...Read More