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Data in Action

Make the Right Move by Personalizing In a new study by Forbes Insights, 64% of brands strongly agree that data-driven marketing is critical in today’s hyper-competitive global economy. But it’s… ...Read More

Creative Customization

Proven Success with the Perfect Blend of Data Customization and targeting are best practices that every marketer should have in their back pockets. That means taking the data you have… ...Read More

Want to Personalize? Don’t Do This

When marketers talk about producing “personalized printing” or 1:1 printing, they are talking about printing that communicates with a customer in a way that static direct mail cannot. By definition,… ...Read More

Creating Customer Personas

Whether you are printing your marketing and collateral materials using offset or digital, whether your documents are static or variable, customer personas are a critical piece of the marketing puzzle.… ...Read More

Personalized Mailers Help Major League Baseball PLAY BALL!

A Major League Baseball team wanted to test the effectiveness of personalized direct mail against static mail. To do this, it created a campaign to promote attendance at its new… ...Read More

Show Them You Care

Getting Personal with Your Customers Makes Them Feel Valued. Everywhere you look, today’s marketing communications are personalized. Log into Amazon.com and you’ll get personalized recommendations based on your past purchases.… ...Read More

1:1 Campaigns Are Easier Than Ever

It used to be that, in order to create powerful 1:1 print campaigns, you had to be both a marketing wizard and a database master. No more. Today, the software… ...Read More

Personalization Creates 30% Lift

Looking for proof that personalization works? Consider the case of one historical museum that used personalization to create a lift in donations of 30%   For the past decade, the… ...Read More

If it isn’t relevant, what’s the point?

Have you ever received a “personalized” mailing that didn’t seem so personal? Maybe you’re a tennis nut, and you received a sporting goods catalog personalized with your name on the… ...Read More