Author: McKenzie Thorpe

Staple-Free booklets for menus, brochures & more!

Create brochures, menus and more with continuous, staple-free spreads using TRU-Flat® Panoramic™ Sheets! This unique product from Convertible Solutions utilizes our patented MultiLoft® cohesive technology instead of typical binding methods.… ...Read More

Product Spotlight: Fold N Go® Return Mailer

The Fold ‘N Go® Return Mailer is a streamlined, all-in-one response mailing solution! Formed from a single sheet, this self-mailer makes production easy: No need for multiple envelopes and hand-stuffing… ...Read More

Product Spotlight: Fold ‘N Go® Impact Cards

With Fold N Go® Impact Card sheets, create a 24pt card with no collation required! Like our other Fold ‘N Go® products, the Impact Card sheets utilize MultiLoft® cohesive coating.… ...Read More

Variable Data Printing: Increase ROI!

Direct mail continues to be a relevant, powerful marketing channel as email and other digital channels become saturated. Variable data printing and personalization are a great way to go the… ...Read More

Response mailing made easy with Fold ‘N Go®!

Between outer envelopes, return envelopes, and inserts, producing and fulfilling a response mailing package can be a headache. Wouldn’t it be nice if all the moving parts of a response… ...Read More

Create a Unique, Interactive Mailer with Gift Card!

Take further advantage of the interior space by including an add-on piece! This personalized holiday Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card concept features not only a member-exclusive discount on the back… ...Read More

Interactive Mailer: The Fold ‘N Go® Reveal Card!

This unique, interactive mailer from the Fold ‘N Go® family includes a tear-away reveal panel. Encouraging customers to interact with your mail piece is a great way to stand out… ...Read More

Product Spotlight – Fold ‘N Go®

The Fold ‘N Go® family of products leverage MultiLoft® pressure-activated cohesive coating for unique mailers which can be printed digitally and sealed on your existing trimmer! Fold ‘N Go® sheets… ...Read More

3 Benefits of Direct Mail in 2021 and Beyond

Shifts in our relationships with online spaces and advertising brought on by the pandemic have actually boosted the relevance of direct mail in 2021 and beyond! Here are three reasons… ...Read More