Customer Loyalty: Maintaining It Once It Is Built

customer loyalty

Customer loyalty is a fickle being. Just like every other relationship in your life, the hard part comes after it has been built. In a customer

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How Are You Utilizing Content Marketing?

Content marketing has become an industry buzzword over the last few years. It’s on the lips of every agency when you ask the question of

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How To Create Loyal Millennial Customers

Millennial Customers

Loyal Millennial customers are among the most highly sought after customers out there. Why? It’s pretty simple. They are one of the largest generations in

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5 Marketing Mistakes to Learn From

marketing mistakes

Marketing mistakes are some of the most valuable experiences you can have. It’s important to learn from each one. Other’s marketing mistakes are the best

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Strengthen Your Print Budget By Streamlining It

print budget

Your print budget has a huge impact on your overall bottom line. Ensuring it is as streamlined as possible while being robust enough to drive

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Relationship Marketing: The Secret Ingredient To Success

relationship marketing

Relationship marketing is not a new concept. You build relationships with people important to your business and use those relationships to drive success. Essentially, relationship

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Maximizing ROI Using Dimensional Mail

dimensional mail

Dimensional mail is a wonderful direct marketing tactic. Things that are out of place tend to stand out. For example, when you wear your favorite

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5 Ways To Increase Response Rates With Direct Mail

response rates

154.2 billion pieces of mail are delivered by the US Postal Service every year. That equates to about 422 million each day. You won’t increase

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Developing Your Email Marketing Database

email marketing

Email marketing continues to be a highly effective strategy for you to accomplish your business goals. According to QuickSprout, email subscribers are 3 times more

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Evaluating Success of Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

multichannel marketing succes

When you are evaluating the success of your print and multichannel marketing campaigns, how do you know which channels are most effective? How do you

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